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Conecc Concrete Solutions Pvt Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of Autoclaved Aerated Concrete (AAC) blocks in Karnataka. AAC blocks are also known as Fly ash / Lightweight Brick/Block. Conecc prides itself on maintaining the highest level of customer service and support.

  • Conecc was founded with the vision of helping people build their homes in a better, faster & cheaper way by the use of innovative construction technologies. We offer blocks that are durable and eco-friendly construction materials.
  • Our Lightweight aac block's improved thermal efficiency reduces the heating and cooling cost in buildings.
  • Lightweight blocks save cost and energy in transportation and labor expenses.

Delivering All Over Karnataka, Goa, Tamilnadu And Andhrapradesh


Conecc AAC Blocks
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About US

We are a part of NECC group of companies that is into the diversified business of mining, transportation, hospitality, ready mix concrete, and precast boundary walls. Conecc AAC blocks are the new generation building blocks that are more efficient than the traditional blocks or clay bricks. Our blocks are a green building product as there is no pollution or waste material in the manufacturing process. We are Karnataka-based Aac blocks manufacturers. We deliver our products in Karnataka, Goa, TamilNadu and Andhra Pradesh.


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“Well-managed staffs, supportive and friendly workers in their plant. Conecc provides the best quality AAC Blocks & Wire Mesh. Taking care of their clients in every possible way in this pandemic.”

“This AAC Block is almost 40% lighter than the Standard Solid Concrete Blocks and Clay bricks, The large size and smooth finish of the blocks also reduce the quantity of both the packing mortar and plastering mortar, hence it is preferred to some extent in the construction industry”

“Conecc aac blocks are lightweight blocks made using aluminum powder as a foaming agent, these blocks are almost 70% lighter than Traditional Clay bricks and 40% lighter than the CLC Blocks, AAC blocks have a superior finish than Clay blocks hence they can be used without plastering in the inner wall and GYPSUM putty can directly be applied to it”

“Conecc provides excellent quality Aac blocks, they make autoclave aerated concrete blocks/AAC blocks for building construction & Larger size fly ash blocks lead to faster masonry work. Their product Reduces project costs for large constructions. We are happy with Conecc”