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We at the NECC Group would like to introduce ourselves as one of the leading manufacturers of Aggregates, M-Sand, Lightweight Bricks, and an integrated source of procurement, engaged in the manufacturing of Woven Wire Screen Cloth, Steel Wire Mesh, Woven Wire Mesh, Crimped Wire Mesh, etc. With the help of our modern manufacturing unit, combined with hi-tech machinery and equipment, producing the finest quality output products becomes entirely easy.


We are a global industrial group with advanced products and cater to the various demands of the Construction Crusher Plants. We provide wire mesh products according to different shapes, sizes, and designs according to the desired need of the customers.


Conecc manufacture Woven Wire Screen Cloth and Perforated Sheet Panels for various types of Crushers, Asphalt /Batch Mix Plants, and Screening Plants ranging from various Original Equipment manufacturer and Infrastructure /Construction companies having their operations in India and Abroad.


Conecc Wire Screen Cloth is specially manufactured for extremely rugged operating conditions in scalping, sizing, or processing heavy abrasive materials such as ores, crushed stones, sand, gravel, metallic and nonmetallic mineral, coal slag, etc, We are the prime manufacturers of Industrial Woven Wire Screen Cloth and Perforated Sheet Panels of taut screening surface for sizing and straining in India. It is this quality of Strength and Free Screening over other media which makes them ideal for a very wide range of sifting and separating applications. The Wire Mesh produced and designed at Conecc concrete solution is used for purposes like mines, agriculture, industrial, transportation, etc..



Screens are woven accurately to any mesh size and of any diameter wire to meet your specific requirement. We have got the capacity to manufacture screens in the following range:


0.2mm to 100mm

Wire Diameter:

0.1mm to 12mm

Width and Length:

As per your requirements

Edge Preparation Type:

K1, B1, N, WM, K3

Clamp Bend Type:

'C''U' and 'S' type

IS Standard:

IS-4454 Grade-1

Quality of Wire:

Spring Steel, High Carbon Steel MN-65, Stainless Steel, G.l etc.


Our experience and highly skilled engineering for various applications have earned us an enviable reputation for solving screening problems. Continued technological advances have enabled us to quickly deliver standard and special order screening products.