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Precast Compound Wall

Conecc precast boundary walls are bought to you by Conecc Precast LLP. Connec Precast is a part of the NECC group, which is into the diversified business of mining, transportation, hospitality, ready mix concrete, and AAC block business. Precast boundary walls are the new generation of fence and wall Manufacturer companies. We at Conecc provide you with the finest product and installation experience. The precast boundary wall is a high-quality precast concrete walling system featuring natural-looking stone textures and architectural form finishes on both sides of the wall. Our attention to detail and refusal to cut corners results in long-lasting and highly durable fencing structures.

Our walls provide a quieter and more aesthetically pleasing environment for residential, commercial and industrial applications. Precast Walls may be used for security, perimeter, safety, privacy, sound barriers, land plotting and many other desired applications.
Conecc Precast is the first company in India to introduce form texture appearance on both sides of the wall. Connec walls come with a Uni-Cast System wherein the column and panel are cast as one integrated unit. We are also the first one in India to introduce the
Static footing support system, which provides safe secure and immediate support to the panels after being installed.


Precast Concrete Wall


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