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Are aac blocks strong?

AAC blocks have a higher compressive strength.

Red clay bricks are made from a combination of clay (alumina), sand, lime, iron oxide, and magnesia, and are widely available throughout the country. AAC blocks are made from a mixture of fly ash, cement, lime, gypsum, and aeration agents and need development and production from specialized factories.

                                           While red clay bricks are widely available, they do not provide superior compressive strength in comparison to AAC blocks, which are crafted to become more resilient to compression load. Red bricks have a compressive strength of 2.5 to 3.5 N/mm2, whereas AAC blocks have a compressive strength of 3 to 4.5 N/mm2.

1 Size 600x200x100-300 mm  230x75x150 mm 
2 Accuracy  Variation 1.5 mm (+/-) Variation 5 mm (+/-)
3 Compressive
3-5 Mpa 1.5-2 Mpa
4 Mortar Consumption per cum with 1:6 0.5 Bag of cement 1.35 Bag of cement
5 Chemical Composition Fly-ash is used approx. 60% which reacts with binders (lime and cement) to form AAC which is an inert material Soil is used which
contains many inorganic impurities
like sulfates which result in efflorescence
6 CO2 Emission per
square foot
2.2 kg 17.6 kg
7 Dry Density 550-650 kg/m3 (Oven
1900 kg/m3
8 Fire Resistance Up to 7 hours Up to 2 hours
9 Cost-Benefit Factor Depending upon project design, savings
up to 20% in structural costs can
be achieved due to reduction of dead load 
10 Energy Saving Up to 30% savings can be achieved in heating and cooling costs due to excellent insulation None
11 Plastering Material Exceptional dimensional accuracy allows for a final 6 mm skim coat Traditional 3 coat plaster is required
12 Breakages  3% 15%
13 Environmental
A green building product as there is no pollutant or discharge in the manufacturing
Erosion of fertile topsoil is a crime against nature

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