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7 Reasons Why You Should Build A Precast Compound Wall

Precast concrete walls are gaining popularity due to their numerous advantages. Precast is becoming more popular due to benefits such as speedy installation and fire resistance. It is a tested building material that has been employed in various industries, including infrastructure, public buildings, commercial projects, and small residential structures. Some of the advantages of employing precast concrete walls over traditional methods of building are listed below.


1. High Strength

The key advantages of Precast Compound Walls are not only cost-effective, but we have reinforced the structure of Panels and Columns with High Tensile Steel. Due to its consistency in quality raw materials used and the amount of concrete, this gives a perfect and precise RCC compound wall that is stronger than normal walls.

2. Quality

Precast concrete provides several advantages since the concrete walls can be manufactured under strictly regulated conditions and to precise specifications. The precision and predictability of a concrete wall are addressed. The fabrication process, combined with design skills, is not weather-dependent.

3. Cost Effective

Precast Compound Walls are significantly less expensive than brick and stone walls. To build a normal wall we need to buy its raw materials, bricks, cement, etc. the transportation charges and labor charges are much higher. Compared to brick walls, you will save more than 50% to 60%.

4. Save Time - Quick Installation

This is the primary reason why precast blocks are gaining popularity. If you are working on a large project, speed is critical. Precast panels save time since when they arrive at a construction site, the pieces are ready to install; all that is required is correct assembly.

5. Fire and Sound Resistance

Conecc Precast offers boundary walls that limit sound transfer and noise transfer from either side of the wall, whether from neighbours or traffic. You will discover peace from the noise around you.

Precast concrete acts as a fire barrier, protecting your home from outside fires. These can provide two to four hours of fire protection. These precast walls are also resistant to hot chemicals.

6. Long-Lasting Life And Long-Term Flexibility

A modular wall is possible using precast constructions. An existing precast construction can be easily modified, enlarged, or removed. The panels are made of high tensile reinforced steel and high-grade concrete, so they stay for a long time without any problems. Even the wall textures are perfect.

7. Aesthetic Appeal

Precast concrete's aesthetic potential has increased its popularity. These frameworks can accommodate a wide range of shapes and finishes, from fine-grained to rough, as well as any patterned textures you desire.

Conecc Precast Walls Comes with a textured finish on both sides of the wall (Stone texture). This gives a modern boundary wall design around your home. Our Precast compound wall design is extremely well built and lasts longer than stone boundary wall designs.


                                                                            Precast concrete walls enable simple and low-cost installation while providing long-term durability that will benefit you for many years. We at Conecc Precast Blocks, Leading Precast Concrete and RCC Compound Wall Manufacturers in India provide skilled installers to handle the installation for you...


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